so, let me tell something about what I feel like seein and hearing all that stuff about the Ukraine. I am from Ukraine, but I live in Germany since I dunno.ever maybe. But I still have family over there and all this shit. Onw side is blaming the other. USA vs Russia. The EU in the middle. those fascists leading Ukraine. The people from Donetzk wanting to be an autonomy. people killing other people. So much violence, so much blood and fire and chaos. It’s disgusting. Why did this happen? 

If somebody wants to discuss this topic my ask box is always open for you folks. thanks. 

p.s for the record I could speak to you in Russian and German so I want you all to discuss this. 

Laut Informationen der „Bild am Sonntag“ ….wenn ich diesen Satz schon höre, wird mir schlecht! Nieder mit populistischer Boulevardpresse!


I am lonely. I am sad. I am angry. I am mad.

Nobody can help me because nobody understands how it feels to be me. People laughed about me, they bullied me, they used me, they lied, they left me, they were just not true. I tried so many times to be me but it didn’t work. Help me god. I have talked to doctors and to other people with broken minds. But it just hurts more and more. I can’t find myself. I have lost myself!